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While we await a biography of our video editor, here are some of the other people involved in this project:

Bob McNeil lives in Texas and is a retired accountant/corporate audit consultant, Vietnam-era U.S. Marine, father, grandfather, IRS nemesis, and 21st century American revolutionary who has dedicated the remainder of his life to the restoration of liberty and prosperity to ALL American citizens by proposing policies that repeal all taxes that confiscate our wealth by force, return to the original Constitutional taxing methods, and limit the size and scope of government.

Dave Scotese wants to leave the world better than he found it, for his kids, their friends, and all future generations, and has worked hard through the development of various mechanisms such as Litmocracy and Voluntaryist to do so. He doesn’t want to make the world easier, nor more comfortable, nor more caring, but better. His major current strategy to achieve this is to help people strive for individual sovereignty and learn to take care of themselves instead of relying on the government to control their lives.

Don Eminizer is a freelance writer, former Professional Wrestler and recording artist. He has been a published freelance writer, columnist and poet since the age of nineteen. In the past he has worked for Independent Networks, the Sun Sports Net, HTS and CBS Radio/Infinity Broadcasting. Currently Don mediates a writer’s workshop at a website called Litmocracy.com, and writes columns, articles and ghost writes and edits for dozens of publishers. He has spent years working to fight the immoral practices of a growing socialistic, broken bureaucracy of a government that continues to spiral out of control.

Karim Khan, pen named Ernest Dempsey, hails from Hangu, a small town in Pakistan. He has a Masters degree in Geology and one in English Literature. He is a freelance writer who has authored four books and has seen the publication of his poems, essays, short stories, and literary reviews worldwide. He is the editor-in-chief of the journal magazine "Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing", has developed a popular thought tank blog called Word matters, and works as an independent freelance writer and editor. Khan is an advocate for human rights, animal rights, and environmental protection.