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Projects Originated by CHOSE Creator Dave Scotese

A Broken IRS Perverts Human Cooperation

This documentary is an exposé of the Internal Revenue Service, currently in planning stages. You can follow along with the IRS Documentary Plan and even edit our plan if you're willing to be so bold and you see good changes that you feel will improve it. Or you might consider making suggestions on the Discussion page page instead.

The goal of the documentary is to affect two groups of people so that their views and/or behavior will reflect a greater knowledge of taxation in the United States. One group consists of current and prospective future employees of the government, and specifically of the IRS. It is apparent that there are systemic errors in how the IRS does things that cause it to collect more taxes than are owed, and this group of people need only be aware of the errors in order to correct for them.

The second group of people to be affected by the documentary consists of jurors in jury trials. Jurors in these cases are often not fully informed regarding their power. Sometimes, a jury is prohibited from examining the law of the case.

There may be other groups of people added to this list.