IRS Documentary Interviewees

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The people who will be or have been interviewed for the IRS Documentary
Description Dave knows as Interviewee's Input
Add a link if you'd like
Interview Date Location
Man in the Street John at the TVV meetup [This space is for John to edit about himself.] Murrieta, CA
Bill G [This space is for Bill to edit about himself.] (By Skype)
Tax Attorney Dave's tax attorney [This space is for Nathan to edit about himself.] Las Vegas, NV (probably)
Dave's old tax attorney RJS Law "associates are not permitted to speak publicly on current or past client matters as well as issues pertaining to the administration and operation of tax agencies."
(Still looking...)
Tax Law Researcher RAM vs IRS [This space is for Bob to edit about himself.] Hurst, TX
Lost Horizons [This space is for Peter to edit about himself.] Commerce Township, MI
Tax Avoidance Promoter Truth Attack [This space is for Steve to edit about himself.] Fresno, CA
Freedom Law School [This space is for Peymon to edit about himself.] Brooksville, FL