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Contribute Financially


The bitcoin address 1CHoSECuupNvpddqKXCMnUcjUW8qsLPQBM was created by bitcoinvanitygen (, and 1CHoSEmHRpQcjKzkahcu9A6Mqf96PkPFce was created by the creator of CHOSE, Dave Scotese. You can send bitcoin to either of them to support CHOSE.


Please visit our Kickstarter project at to donate through Kickstarter.

Contribute with research

This Wiki is currently open for anyone to edit. We require registration, but it's easily given to those who prove to be interested in helping. Please edit responsibly, and feel free to add research topics in this section of this page.

Contribute media

We do not yet have solid instructions on doing this, but the basic idea is that you make a video that might provide good footage for a CHOSE documentary, and then make it available for use by the public. So far, this has been done by placing the video on Google Drive and then sharing the link with anyone who asks. If you'd like to create solid instructions for this, please add them here.

At the Fair Use page, you can list existing media that is useful in our efforts to use more cooperation and less coercion.