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Introduction to CHOSEN

What is Cooperative Humanity's Ongoing Social Experiments Network?

Because every business is an experiment in the realm of social engagement and trade, every business is by default a member of CHOSEN. Successful experiments persist and change over time, improving the lives of those around them. Below you will find our definition of "Cooperative Humanity" so that you will know how to remain part of CHOSEN and what to do when other members fail to live up to the standards.

How to Stay in CHOSEN

If you haven't yet, please explore the fundamentals of voluntaryism.. For me, voluntaryism embodies the spirit of cooperation that binds (nearly) all humans together, and so the principles described on that site are the best I have to offer.

  • Do not make an effort to create suffering in those who do what you wish them not to do. While self-defense often has the side effect of making an attacker suffer, it is an effort to preserve the self, rather than create suffering. Suffering is a natural side-effect of proper behavior when it meets improper behavior.
  • Many institutions exclude themselves from CHOSEN, and this includes most governments because they institute the use of suffering to control behavior. The essence of the problem here is the institutional reliance on fear and punishment for social cohesion.
  • When you turn to government agencies for help, you tacitly rely on the collection of taxes, and this means you are no longer cooperating with people who are victimized by the tax collection system, and therefore excluding yourself from CHOSEN.
  • When you obey the commands of the government, you remain a member of CHOSEN, but civil disobedience is even better. It is only active support of the coercive nature of government that disqualifies you. It's ultimately your call, and up to our large community to show you the right way. CHOSE is here for you.
  • When someone asks you for help, ignoring them violates the spirit of cooperation that binds us together. Since we can never tell whether the other person is ignoring us or unable to hear us, we can't really know if someone excludes themselves this way, but voluntaryism and cooperation operate largely on the honor system, so you will be trusted as the default. If you don't want to help or are unable to help, at least let the other person know that you received their request and are denying it.
  • There are other ways you can violate the spirit of cooperation, such as theft, fraud, extortion, murder, and other kinds of threats, but these are obvious enough that we don't need to go into detail.

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