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The Nutshell:

  • You will respect the property rights of Dave Scotese.
  • You will refrain from using coercion no matter how acceptable the society around you finds such use of coercion.
  • You will interact with this website in the spirit of cooperation.

More Specifically:

  1. You agree that Dave Scotese owns this website.
  2. You agree not to employ any coercive institution to resolve any disputes you have arising out of your use of this website.
  3. You agree that "coercive institution" includes organizations in which you recognize an authority to do things that are considered immoral when private individuals do them. You agree that most, if not all, governments are "coercive institutions."
  4. You agree to rely on the judgement of Dave Scotese or anyone to whom he delegates the responsibility to determine whether or your contributions to this website get deleted because they are "spammy."