Candles in the Dark

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Candles in the Dark, including the video series (recorded over the course of two days in front of a live audience) shortcuts decades of conversations with statists and gets a useable and repeatable method to "red pill" an indoctrinated mind in 15 minutes or less. It includes examples of the method being used and a thorough briefing on the "Do" and "Do Nots" of the method. All clarifying questions from audience members have been kept in along with supporting materials.

The core of the product is live NOW and is available for a single payment of $75.00 Place your order on the site.

The Voluntaryist is offering $50 scholarships to interested parties. The last $25 of the ticket price is to be donated to The Voluntaryist. If you make such a donation for the purpose of taking advantage of the scholarship, please click the address you used to send an email explaining why it's important for The Voluntaryist to help you cover the cost of the program. If you're more comfortable first ensuring that your donation will be used that way, please email

The scholarships are accounted for in our Budget.